Texas Medieval Association hosts 20th Annual Meeting in September

Texas Medieval Association hosts 20th Annual Meeting in September

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The Twentieth Annual Meeting of the Texas Medieval Association will be taking place this year at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, from September 24-26, 2010.

In the call for papers the organizers note that this year’s theme is “Majesty, Memory, and Mourning in the Middle Ages,” but that papers are welcomed on all aspects of medieval history and culture, including medieval art, languages, literature, medievalism, and music. Some aspects of the conference will also be different, and “will feature two distinct types of panels. In honor of our Texas heritage, we are calling the first type a ‘Roundup.’ The Roundup will function like a workshop where presenters, lead by an organizer, examine the state of a particular question in specific areas of medieval studies. Presenters should prepare a succinct thesis, spoken in no more than 5 minutes. These will be grouped to promote maximum interchange. These panels will give participants a chance to collaborate in a manner not typically associated with conference papers.”

Three of these ’roundup’ sessions have already been named: “What’s New in Medieval Feminist/Gender Studies”; “What’s New in Convivencia Studies”; and “What’s New in Old English Studies”. There will also be sessions with a more traditional conference setting, which will have 20-minute papers.

Three keynote speakers have been arranged for the conference: Seth Lerer of the University of California, San Diego, Bruce Brasington of West Texas A&M University, and Laura Weigert of Rutgers University. Their presentations will be open to the public.

The conference also coincides with two exhibitions at Dallas-area museums. The Dallas Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition on The Mourners: Medieval Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy, which features forty sculptures from the tomb of John the Fearless (1371–1419), the second duke of Burgundy. This exhibition was on display earlier this year at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (see our article Two Medieval Exhibitions begin today at the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and will be open to the public in Dallas from October 3, 2010–January 2, 2011.

Also, Southern Methodist University’s Meadow’s Museum will be having a special exhibition on Spanish art that will feature one of the largest and most comprehensive collections outside of Spain—comprising of more than 125 paintings and sculptures and approximately 450 works on paper. The collection spans from the 10th to the 21st century, and includes medieval objects, Renaissance and Baroque sculptures, and major paintings by Golden Age and modern masters. The highlight of this exhibition will be El Greco’s Pentecost, which is on loan from the Prado museum in Madrid.

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