Musee de la Reddition

Musee de la Reddition

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Musee de la Reddition (Museum of the Surrender) in Reims is the location where the German Third Reich officially surrendered to Allied forces in World War Two.

Musee de la Reddition history

At the time, the building of Musee de la Reddition, once Reims’ technical college, acted as the European headquarters of US General Dwight D Eisenhower (later President Eisenhower). It was in the War Room of this building, on Monday, 7 May 1945 at 2.41 am, that the Allied Forces put an end to the Second World War in Europe by obtaining the unconditional surrender of the Third Reich’s armed forces.

This momentous news was broadcast simultaneously the following day, 8 May, at 3 pm in the capital cities of the allied nations. The site was subsequently turned into a museum in 2005, including its Salle de la Signature (Signing Room), which has remained intact. The museum displays, among other attractions, more than fifty authentic, vintage figures.

Musee de la Reddition today

Today, visitors to Musee de la Reddition can see the actual table where terms of surrender were agreed, with its contents seemingly frozen in time. Even the maps which crowded the room’s walls are still in place.

Beyond its star attraction, Musee de la Reddition also boasts further exhibits, mostly World War II uniforms, photographs and some weapons, but the main reason to visit is to see the site where the Allies officially won the war.

Getting to Musee de la Reddition

The address of Musee de la reddition is 12 rue Franklin Roosevelt, Reims, Grand-Est 51100, France. The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm, closed Tuesday and on four major holidays. If travelling via train, the museum site is roughly a 5 minute walk away from Gare de Reims.

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