Oxford Carpenters, 1370-1530

Oxford Carpenters, 1370-1530

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Oxford Carpenters, 1370-1530

By Eric A. Gee

Oxoniensia, Vol. 17-18 (1952-3)

Introduction: For some time past much interest has been centred on the masons of medieval England, while the work of early carpenters, being in a more perishable medium, has been relatively overlooked; yet their craft was complementary to that of the mason and their skill certainly no less. I have already discussed the Oxford masons in print. My present paper, which is concerned with Oxford carpenters in late medieval times, begins with an introductory essay on the wood-workers’ trade in Oxford and then gives a series of biographies, in chronological order, of the more important men. The first appendix lists craftsmen in order of their appearance at each college and includes details of the working life of men not already included in the biographies. The second appendix is an alphabetical one and the only extra material is about woodworkers who were not employed by a college.

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