The Silver Cup, by Constance Leeds

The Silver Cup, by Constance Leeds

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The Silver Cup

Constance Leeds
ISBN: 0670061573

For young adults: It’s the year 1095, and fifteen-year-old Anna longs for a different life in her small German village. But as the seasons turn, the year proves anything but ordinary. Her beloved youngest cousin disappears, and another cousin, Martin, runs away to join a murderous army of renegade Crusaders. When Anna risks everything to rescue Leah, an orphaned Jewish girl whose only connection to her former life is a silver cup, the two girls forge a friendship that defies the intolerance of their time.


International Reading Association’s 2008 Children’s and Young Adult Book Award in the Intermediate Fiction category

2008 Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Older Readers

The Bank Street College of Education’s Best Children’s Books of 2008

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