John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies

John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies

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When it comes to history, especially medieval history, the awards and accolades are usually reserved for the professional scholar – those with multiple degrees of higher learning and long lists of academic titles and initials after their name. And deservedly so. Without their dedication and scholarship, much of what we know about history would have been lost to time. But it is often the local historian who provides just as valuable a contribution to unlocking the secrets of the past. Giving selflessly of their time and talents, their work has helped to foster a better understanding of the events and people who came before us. And this is just who The Richard III Foundation, Inc. is seeking to recognize with their new program, The John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies.

“There are many people living in villages and towns who have uncovered vital information on a person, place or event that played a role in the life and times of Richard III,” stated Joe Ann Ricca, President and CEO of the Foundation. “These individuals may have little recourse to additional finances to advance their work, and it is their voice that needs to be heard.”

In support of this belief, the Foundation established The John Davey Research Grant for Medieval Studies earlier this year. Although open to both graduate students and local historians alike, this grant primarily aims to recognize and award the efforts of the local historian – those who have spent countless hours and valuable resources in their on-going efforts to accurately decode the past.

“History is not so much knowing all the answers, as asking all the right questions,” said Peter Algar, one of the committee members overseeing the grant. “This is where local historians come into their own – compiling a history of a nearby village or delving into dusty archives to produce a gem of forgotten information. Our lives are enriched by the dedicated work of these well-informed enthusiasts.”

If you are interested in applying for the grant, applications and additional information can be obtained at [email protected] Deadline for application is July 1, 2011.

For more information regarding The Richard III Foundation, Inc., visit their website at, or contact Molly McAleavey, Public Relations at [email protected]

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