The Borgias – Review of Season 3 Episode 5 The Wolf and the Lamb

The Borgias – Review of Season 3 Episode 5 The Wolf and the Lamb

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“There is no heaven, no hell either, our lives here are what we make of it” ~ Cesare

On this week’s episode of The Borgias, Lucrezia tearfully gives up Giovanni to Rodrigo and Vanozza. Forces against the Borgias gather at Forli, Cesare makes friends with the French and Rodrigo invites new scandal into his bed.


Katerina Sforza, still a force to be reckoned with, proposes a joining of the Romagna families. The heads of the Romana scoff at the fact that she is a woman, but she responds to their objections by reminding them that has the forces and the means to battle the Borgias. They’re either with her or against her and they need to make the choice now. Cesare is in France, and Katerina knows that Rodrigo won’t give the Papal army to him, she sees the conflict and wants to use it to her advantage. The families debate and decide to wait until Cesare returns.


Cesare arrives to find the King absent but his old friend, Niccolo Machiavelli visiting with the French. Machiavelli offers him some advice; he lets Cesare know that the King of France also has eyes on Milan. Cesare courts the French archbishop and asks for an army in exchange for a Cardinal’s cap. At a dance, Cesare is introduced by the Queen to the beautiful Charlotte of Albret, sister of John of Navarre III. Cesare is offered Charlotte, but not an army. Cesare tries to change the King’s mind by putting himself forth as the head of the army. He also vows to dissolve the relationship between Naples and the Borgia family and help the French but a swatch through Italy. In the end, the King of France gets his divorce and Cesare gets his marriage.


Rodrigo’s tryst has dire consequences. He realizes Duchessa Bianca Gonzaga has overstayed her welcome, and he is desperate to send her back to her husband. Unfortunately, the Duchess has other plans and drops a bomb: she is with child. Rodrigo is horrified and has her checked out by a physician only to find out she isn’t pregnant and can never be – she lost a baby and is permanently scarred. She is disturbed, deranged and dangerous so Rodrigo gives her over to the care of nuns. Bianca escapes armed with a knife into Giovanni’s room with tragic results and Cardinal Sforza is left to clean up the physical and political mess.


“Bide your time, it will come…trust me” ~ Michelotto Lucrezia arrives in Naples and is welcomed into the family until she reminds the King of Naples that she has a son. Lucrezia is rudely dismissed at the dinner table but later thinks she’s found a solution to her problem when she encounters an old healing woman in the forest and she shows Lucrezia poisonous mushrooms. She has a very candid chat with Michelotto and hints at her dark ideas. Late at night, he stops her from putting her plan to murder the King into motion and tells her to bide her time. Lucrezia stays her hand but Michelotto does not stay his and some unfortunate circumstances befall King Ferdinand while hunting boar.

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